We are a company dedicated to responsible ecotourism, projected to the nature’s conservation and the generation of opportunities for the native communities working along with them. Our tours have been designed to provide a unique experience in the contact of nature, based on scientific studies to generate the minimum impact on the ecosystem.

Scientific team:

Danny Zapata Henao: Biologist specialized in the study of birds. His passion is the use of tools such as bioacoustics and geographic information systems to answer questions related to native birds. He will be your birdwatching guide in Bahia Solano and Medellín. Currently, he develops a research on the genetics and conservation of the Antioquia Wren (Thryophilus sernai). He will be your company in the discovering of the magic and beauty of neotropical birds.

Esteban Duque Mesa: Biologist specialized in the marine area. His passion is the study of marine mammals: whales and dolphins. He is currently involved in research projects on the behavior and bioacoustics of the humpback whales in Peru, Ecuador and Colombia. He will be one of the guides during the whale watching tours and will share with you his love for nature, as he makes you discover a magical world full of new experiences to live.

Mar Palanca Gascón: Biologist with experience in community work. Her knowledge covers various areas of biology. She has developed scientific research in Colombia focused on paleontology. If you doubted the beauty of Chocó, it will help you to ask what made a European woman adopt this place as her home. She will be another of your guides during whale watching tours.

Juan Camilo Zuluaga: Molecular biologist, currently working in the area of neurosciences, focused on the study of neuronal synapses. His interests range from computing, bioinformatics, data analysis and neuroscience, to the chemistry of natural products. He is responsible of the management of the information and biological data of our research projects.

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